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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate. 

About the Site

How can I search apartment for rent or buy?

By using the search bar on the front page of our website or searching feature on the top bar of our website. We have different searching features, making your apartment seeking more friendly and accessible.

You may use Mapping, Top Areas, Subways, Rent or Buy as a benefit of searching for an apartment on the site. You can also use the address data to see exactly where a building is on a map. This is especially helpful if you’re not familiar with all the street names in Tokyo neighborhood, or you can search in a certain area.

Other than that, to narrow down your selection for a particular apartment, our website may accessible features, such as the numbers of the bedroom, bathroom, ground or high-floor apartments, square-feet of the space, your budget, and furniture’s needs, etc.

Our apartment-search automatically map addresses for you. For example, when you look at a listing for an apartment, the Web site uses the address data to show you where it’s located on a map. Or, if you’ve saved 5 loved apartments that might interest you, the Web site could plot them all on a single map, so you can see where they are relative to each other as well as important locations, such as where you work, schools and medical care nearby.

What if I can't find a Tokyo property that I like online?

If you can’t find a property in Tokyo you like on our platform, you go to our “Contact” page for further customer support. Please specify your needs and requirements. We will get back to you shortly to find you the perfect apartment in Tokyo.

How can I become a member?

You can register by clicking on the Login/Register button on the right header. After registering with us, you can easily contact the agents using the website’s messaging service, review the properties, save your favorite properties and your search criteria.

I Want to Rent

General Renting Guide

What's the genral renting procedure in Japan?

Renters visit real estate agency in the neighborhood or look for rental housing online to communicate requirements, such as rental housing and other information. Once a property matches the renter’s requirement, the renter may schedule a visit to the property with the real estate agent. If the renter wants to contact for rental housing, the renter will need to fill out the tenant application. A guarantor is often required when making the application. After passing the background-checking process, the renter will sign the contract and pay the required fees, including the security deposit, key money, agency fee, rent, and common services fee. At last, the renter can receive the key to the house and move in.

What are the common housing structures in Japan?

Structures of housing in Japan is generally categorized into four types: Wood construction, RC structure (Reinforced concrete-built house), S structure (Steel-built house), and SRC(Steel reinforced concrete-built house).

How to read the floor layouts?

In Japan, floor layouts are expressed using such terms as “3LDK.”
The number (3) indicates the number of independent rooms.
The “L” stands for the living room, the “D” for the dining room, and the “K” for the kitchen. “DK” means one room jointly serves as the dining room and kitchen. “LDK” means one room jointly serves as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

How to negotiate on the properties price?

The renting price is NOT negotiable in most cases. However, there might be room for discussions in terms of the key money, the deposit, and the agency fee.

About Fees and Costs

What's is an "initial fee"?

Initial fee refers to the total amount of money that a renter needs to pay when signing the contract. It usually includes Key Money, Security Deposit, Agency Fee, Fire Insurance, and Key Exchange Fee.

What is "Key Money" ("gratuity fee")?Why do I have to pay for it?

Key Money is the money that is paid to the landlord as a courtesy at the rental agreement signing. Key money is often required in the Kanto Region and is usually 1 or 2 months rent. Key money is not returned.

What is the Security Deposit (Guarantee Money)?

The security deposit is deposited with the landlord at the time the rental agreement is signed as a safeguard against non-payment of rent or repairs required when the rental housing is vacated.

Any remaining security deposit after settling of expenses at the time the rental housing is vacated will return to you.

What else do I need to pay other than the monthly rent?

Depends on the terms and conditions, sometimes premiums such as key exchange and damage insurance may be included. Beware of this part of expenses when signing the contract.

What is the Agency Fee and how much do I need to pay for the agency fee?

Real Estate Agent typically receives a commission for successfully matching a landlord’s property with a renter such that a rental contract can be made. The real estate agency is entitled to charge both sides.

What is the Common Service Fee (Management Fee)?

Common Service Fee is the money that covers the cost of electricity used or cleaning fees, etc., for spaces used in common by the tenants, such as stairways and hallways. In Japan, you pay a common service fee (or management fee) that is separate from the rent. This is generally paid for the current month together with the rent at the end of the previous month.

What is the Renewal Fee?

This is money paid to the landlord by the tenant when the rental agreement is renewed to continue the agreement.

About Contract

What is a Regular Rental Agreement?

The regular rental agreement is the type of rental agreement generally used in Japan. The contract is automatically renewed at the end of the agreement period without due cause unless the landlord has justifiable reasons to refuse the renewal

What is a Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a rental agreement that covers a specified contract period and ends at the end of the contract period without being renewed.

What is Rent Liability Guarantee Company?

Rent liability guarantee company is a company that guarantees to pay the rent to the landlord in the event that the tenant does not pay the rent.
A real estate agency in Japan usually requires foreign tenants to use the rent liability guarantee company’s service if the tenant cannot find a Japanese to serve as the guarantor.

I Want to Buy

General Buying Guide

Should I buy or should I rent?

It depends on personal needs. Some landlord requires tenants to pay two months of deposit and two-month key money when they are renting a property. When the initial fees are higher than usual, it is also a wise choice to consider purchasing if you need to stay in Japan for a long period.

Can a foreigner purchase property in Japan?

Yes, foreigners have the same rights as Japanese in buying a house in Japan.

Should I buy an apartment or should I buy a house?

It depends on the living needs. For example, Japanese apartments usually have one to three bedrooms and there is only one toilet, while single-family houses are three to five bedrooms, usually with one toilet per floor.

What's the difference of buying a older ‘vintage’ property vs. buying a new one?

The benefit of purchasing a new apartment is that no Agency Fee is quired because usually, the seller itself is the builder. However, compared to the buying of a vintage property, it is difficult to bargain.

What is the general procedure of buying properties in Japan?

The real estate agent searches for potential properties based on the buyer’s preferences. Once the real estate agent successfully matches a seller’s property with the buyer’s requirements, the buyer would submit a Letter of Intent to entrust the agent to further negotiate for the final price such that a sale can be made. Upon agreement, both the buyer and the seller would settle down the dates for signing the Purchase Agreement and the Handover. Generally, the buyer would wire 10% of the down payment to the seller on the signning day and the rest 90% upon receipt of keys and documents for the property.

What are the common housing structures in Japan?

Structures of housing in Japan is generally categorized into four types: Wood construction, RC structure (Reinforced concrete-built house), S structure (Steel-built house), and SRC(Steel reinforced concrete-built house).

How to read the floor layouts?

In Japan, floor layouts are expressed using such terms as “3LDK.” The number (3) indicates the number of independent rooms. The “L” stands for living room, the “D” for dining room, and the “K” for kitchen. “DK” means one room jointly serves as the dining room and kitchen. “LDK” means one room jointly serves as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

What is the standard of statutory durable years for property depreciation?

You cannot depreciate land but only the property built on the land. In case of the residential building, the statutory durable years is specified as below.

Reinforced concrete construction: 47 years.
Heavyweight steels construction: 34 years.
Lightweight steels construction: 19 years.
Wooden structure construction: 22 years.

What can cause an apartment’s value to fall after purchase?

In addition to the depreciation of the apartment itself, fires and unnatural deaths of households will lead to a drop in the property value.

Can I rent my home or apartment out on a short-term basis, like AirBnb?

Yes. But please be aware that only properties complying with Japanese regulations can be used as Airbnb after June 15, 2018.

About Purchase and Other Costs

What can cause a house’s value to fall after purchase?

Single-family houses are usually made of wood. Therefore, depreciation of new houses starts after they are occupied. Unless the appreciation of the land itself is greater than the depreciation of the building itself, the single-family houses will continue to decline in value under normal circumstances.

What's the monthly/yearly cost do I need to maintain a property in Japan?

After purchase, the owner also needs to pay the Property Management fee and the maintenance charge monthly, and pay for the Fixed Asset Tax on yearly basis.

What is the Maintenance Charge for?

It is the money collected monthly from the individual property owner in order for the management association to carry out the repair according to the long-term repair plan.

How much should I pay for the Agency Fee?

The brokerage fee is usually paid on the same day as the signing of the lease contract.

BUYING AND SELLING: Brokerage = 3% of the base price + 60,000 Yen + Consumption tax

What kind of insurance do I need to invest for my property?

Usually, you need to pay for the fire insurance. Theft insurance is optional.

What else do I need to pay?

Aside from the Sales Price and the Agent Commission, buyers will also need to pay for the Registry License Tax, the Real Estate Acquisition Tax, the Stamp Duty, and the legal document fee.

What is the Registry License Tax?

This is the tax for registering ownership transfer or mortgage on a property.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a documentary stamp tax required for the sales contract.

About Morgage Loan

As a foreigner, am I qualify for a mortgage?

A foreigner who has a valid working visa in Japan and has worked in Japan for more than two years with a stable income or a foreigner who has a permanent resident visa is eligible to make a loan to a bank in Japan.

What Financing Options do I have if I want to buy a property in Japan?

In most cases, it is more difficult for a foreigner to get financing from a Japanese bank than from a foreign bank. Smaller banks or local credit unions may also be more flexible lending to non-Japanese than high street banks. The main big banks dealing with foreigners in Japan currently are Suruga Bank, Shinsei Bank, the Bank of China, and SMBC Prestia. The National Bank of Australia used to provide home financing in Japan, but they are not currently active here.

If you are a Chinese national, the Bank of China in Tokyo and Shinsei Property Finance (for Hong Kong residents) may provide financing for buying a house here, depending on the total amount and value of your worldwide assets, among other factors

If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to use the following contact form to reach out to us.