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Our intuitive user interface, powerful database, and timely updates allow you to find the most suitable properties easily, optimize your house-searching process with less anxiety.


Our help website is completely free of use, featured with selected properties that don’t require foreigner renters/buyers most troublesome items such as gift money, security deposits, and guarantee money so that you can curb your expenses wisely.


With a team of rich experience in real estate, decorating, and overseas service, we select the best quality housing for foreign guests to help you work through any troubles that come up so that you can find a home in Japan at ease.

As the most helpful informational website of Tokyo real estate renting and purchasing for foreigners, 1/3rd Real Estate offers full-dynamic counseling and translating service among Renters, Home Investor, and Real Estate Brokers.

No matter you are looking for an apartment to rent or a property to invest, 1/3rd Real Estate can provide you with unrivaled support from a team of registered real estate agent with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge and multilingual counseling experts. More than 70% of our counseling experts have an international background and can speak more than three languages. By the end of 2017, our team had provided up to 50,000 clients from 46 countries and regions with real estate-relevant consultations.

In addition, 1/3rd Real Estate has a team of professional decorators led by qualified first-class architects, who can accommodate various architectural and interior needs.

By providing tailored experiences, 1/3rd Real Estate aims to dispel any doubts you have about communicating in foreign contexts so that your needs can be met thoughtfully and consistently.